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At Dan Force, we provide shipping solutions for every need. With our FTL freight option, we will expertly handle your shipment from start to finish. Full Truckload Shipping (FTL) means we dedicate the entire truck to your shipment. No additional freight will share the same semi-truck trailer as your shipment, and the trip time is devoted to your shipment alone. FTL shipments tend to be larger, usually over 10,000 pounds.

Full Truckload Services are often the preferred method to save money when there is a truck that is carrying one dedicated shipment. There are many different types of shipping situations that could require a full truckload. Some include refrigerated, flatbeds, dry vans, and many more. One of the many benefits of full truckload shipping is that this can be a great method when there are time-sensitive goods that are being shipped. An added benefit of full truckload transportation is the decreased chance of damaged freight during transportation. With less handling of the freight at multiple stops, your goods stand a better chance on the road.

Benefits of FTL Shipping with Dan Force

Increased Speed:

FTL freight shipping means the truckload is only for your freight. For this reason, there are no additional stops along the way to load or unload other shipments.

Increased Security:

In our managed, safe, and monitored facilities, our FTL shipments are well packed before being loaded onto the truck. Since stops at additional hubs are not needed, FTL freight shipping is a great choice to further increase protection. At Dan Force, our fleet is also GPS monitored, so we always know where your freight is at any given time.

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